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Mailbox Services

Just Like Your Mailbox, if Your Mailbox Was a Bodyguard and a Butler, with an Office You Could Use​

If you live on Key Biscayne, there are many reasons why you should rent a mailbox from APBS. Among them are privacy, security, convenience, and value for your business. Let us show you why having your mail and packages delivered to an APBS mailbox

Pack 'n' Ship

Pack 'n' Ship

Whether It’s Your Parcel or Your Picasso, Get It There Reliably, and For The Best Price.

Whether you ship once a year or every day, or whether you’re shipping your precious artwork, the crucial questions are the same: How do I pack this, which shipper (FedEx, DHL, UPS, or USPS.) is best for the particular destination address, and how much will it cost me?

Promotional Advertising

Promotional Advertising

Your Logo Anywhere You Want It

Promotional Advertising is an industry term for placing your company’s logo, website or other information on items that you then gift to customers, either as a gesture of thanks or to generate business. Ever seen a company’s name on a cap? That’s promotional advertising.

Copier Services

Office Services

Our Printer Can Beat Up Your Printer, and Much More

Whether it’s business or personal, one day, your office equipment will not be up to the task. If you need volume photocopying or scanning, or need to send a fax, we can help you. And if you need to notarize a power of attorney or other document, or need an apostille, we are your one-stop solution.

Printer Services


How We Make You Look Polished and Professional

Though printers have progressed immensely, there are tasks that your printer cannot perform, and there are others where the end product’s appearance will harm your business’s image. Whether it’s signs, business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures or banners, we are your solution.

The Owner & Manager

Diego Betancourt

While working for a large multinational corporation, I learned of APBS on a visit to Key Biscayne and saw the opportunity to purchase it and make this small business grow. So, with a little creativity, technology and personalized service, we have made it work since 1996.

As the owner and manager of this business in a small but thriving community, I’m very proud to see how my business and our island have grown with the times.

We are very detail oriented, and our friendly service reflects just that. We strive to earn your business and trust. See you soon.

About American Postal & Business Services

(Why We’re Awesome)

At APBS, we have been providing mailbox, packing and shipping, office and printing services, and promotional advertising products to the Key Biscayne and greater Miami communities since 1986. Under the friendly, courteous and quirky ownership and guidance of Diego Betancourt, himself a Key Biscayne resident, APBS has provided trustworthy, professional services to our island and the surrounding communities.