Office Services

Our Printer Can Beat Up Your Printer, and Much More

Whether you run your Key Biscayne business out of your home or out of an office, there will come a time when your office equipment is not up to the task at hand. If it’s volume printing or volume scanning you need, we can help you. And since approximately 50% of our neighbors were born abroad and often transact business in their native country, we are your resource should you need a notary or an apostille.

Printing & Binding

Your Printer Can’t Hang with Us

Your home printer can handle the odd letter or work document that you need to edit. However, if you need 200 color copies of a presentation printed and bound for a conference where you will be speaking, or you need to print 200 copies of the minutes from the last meeting of your condominium’s board of directors, or flyers or brochures for your business, we are your solution. Count on us to provide you with professional-quality, timely printing services.

Scanning & Shredding

Move into the Digital Age

We can also help you with volume scanning. What’s volume scanning? If you’ve got boxes of tax returns, bank account statements or other important documents gathering dust in your house, screaming to join the digital age, but you don’t have the equipment, patience or time to scan them, we are your resource. Key Biscayne residents have been entrusting the scanning of their important documents to us for years. We will save those 100 pounds of dusty documents by scanning directly to your email or into a USB drive. On a related note, once all those documents have been scanned, we can shred them for you.

Notary & Apostille

Make it Official

Given the high number of foreign-born residents of Key Biscayne, there are many occasions on which one of our customers needs to transact business back home. This often requires a notarized power of attorney, and an apostille to further authenticate the document. At APBS, we are your one-stop solution for notary and apostille services.