About Us (Why We're Awesome)

At APBS, we have been providing mailbox, packing and shipping, office and printing services, and promotional advertising products to the Key Biscayne and greater Miami communities since 1986. Under the friendly, courteous and quirky ownership and guidance of Diego Betancourt, himself a Key Biscayne resident, APBS has provided trustworthy, professional services to our island and the surrounding communities.

Yes, we provide private mailbox services, but we are so much more. We are a one-stop resource for individuals and businesses, a trusted local business. At times, it seems that we can cater to all your needs on Key Biscayne, except food and liquor (and if you’re nice, we may offer you a beer). At APBS, you can conceivably pick up an important document from your secure mailbox, sign that document in the presence of our notary, scan that document for your records, and ship that document utilizing any of the internationally-recognized courier services with whom we work. While you’re taking care of all these tasks in one place, you can enjoy our vintage advertising posters, Smokey & The Bandit collectibles, music-inspired curios and our curated soundtrack, which leans heavily towards 4 mop-topped lads from Liverpool.

Our services do not end there (of course not, after all, we’re awesome). We have been helping businesses promote their goods and services through specialty advertising for nearly a quarter century. If you ever wondered how you could get the name of your company on a mug, office products, wearables and other items, we can help you with that. Better yet, challenge us and ask us to put your logo on something truly unique.

If you have a treasured heirloom or valuable item that you need to ship safely and reliably, APBS is the solution to your needs. We will pack or crate your property, and arrange for shipping anywhere in the world, working with our network of shippers and freight forwarders. The balkier and more unique the object you need shipped, the more we enjoy helping you.

Lastly, after nearly a quarter of a century in business, if we cannot solve your problem, then it can’t be solved, and you should give up. OK, no, we’re just kidding. If we don’t have the solution, we have a vast network of trusted, experienced suppliers and service providers who will happily serve you. We look forward to helping you.

Diego Betancourt

While working for a large multinational corporation, I learned of APBS on a visit to Key Biscayne and saw the opportunity to purchase it and make this small business grow. So, with a little creativity, technology and personalized service, we have made it work since 1996.

As the owner and manager of this business in a small but thriving community, I’m very proud to see how my business and our island have grown with the times.

We are very detail oriented, and our friendly service reflects just that. We strive to earn your business and trust. See you soon.