Pack 'n' Ship

Whether It’s Your Parcel or Your Picasso, Get It There Reliably, and Brag About Us to Your Friends

Whether you ship one document or parcel per year, you ship every day of the week, or you’re shipping your valuable artwork, the crucial questions are always the same: How do I pack this, which shipper (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, shipping line) is best for the particular destination address, and how much will it cost me? Though you wouldn’t think so, not all couriers and shipping lines have the same capabilities or cost for a given task, and therefore, we will advise you as to the best way to get your documents or parcel to its destination, at the best possible price.

Document Shipping

Let’s say you’re sending one original of a contract to California, and four other originals to Paris, Rome, London and Madrid. All must arrive to their destination in two business days. Do you send them with the same shipper? You don’t know the answer to this crucial question, but it’s our business to know. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Certain shippers have a strong domestic presence, and others have a strong international presence. More specifically, some shippers are better in certain parts of the world. Whether you’re shipping a document to Ft. Lauderdale or any of the 222 countries in the world, we know each shipper’s strength and weakness, and we’ll advise you accordingly. Additionally, we will always ask you how soon your document needs to be delivered, and steer you away from unnecessary expenses.

Parcel Shipping

Whether you’ve sold something on eBay, need to return something that looked a lot better on your monitor, or are passing on a treasured heirloom to your grandchildren who live across the country, we are your resource. We can provide you with the packaging, we’ll secure fragile contents so that they are protected, and we’ll advise you as to the best shipper in terms of reliability and price.

Specialized Packing & Shipping

Want to know a secret? The unusual item that you’re a little anxious about shipping, whether due to its size, delicateness, or rareness, THAT’S the packing and shipping task that we love to work on. This is because we get to flex all the packing and shipping muscles we’ve developed in nearly 25 years of business. We are your one-stop solution for the shipment of unique items, and will provide you with the packaging (including crating), and help locate a shipper that will reliably and economically deliver your special item.