Mailbox Services

Just Like Your Mailbox, if Your Mailbox Was a Bodyguard and a Butler, with an Office You Could Use

If you live on Key Biscayne, there are many reasons why you should rent a mailbox from APBS. Among them are privacy, security, convenience, and value for your business. Let us show you why having your mail and packages delivered to an APBS mailbox

Privacy & Security

The Bodyguard

Many Key Biscayne residents are leaders of industry, respected professionals, television personalities, celebrities or noted athletes. Given our society’s fascination with celebrity, having your mail and parcels delivered to an APBS mailbox protects your privacy, and perhaps more importantly, keeps the location of your home private, offering you and your family an extra layer of security.

Convenience & Comfort

The Butler

Are you going away on an extended work assignment or personal travel? What to do about your mail and parcels? If your mail was delivered to your home mailbox, it would accumulate and pose a risk of theft, including identity theft. However, with an APBS mailbox, you can simply instruct us to forward your mail to a specific address, including an overseas address.

Home Office Added Value

The Office

The rising trend in home businesses on Key Biscayne and elsewhere is well ahead of people’s perception of a business that has a residential address. Of course, it should not matter, but unfortunately, it still does. Your training, experience and acumen are enhanced when your business cards, website and email signature block show a business address. Your company will also benefit when the corporate records maintained by Florida’s Secretary of State show that your corporate address is a business establishment, not a home address. Lease a mailbox at APBS, and eliminate the negative perception of a business address that is also a home address.

Other Benefits:

Delivery from Every Courier: As opposed to a P.O. box, an APBS mailbox allows you to accept delivery from every courier.

24-Hour Access: When you lease an APBS mailbox, you’ll enjoy 24-hour access to your mailbox.